Rick Stemm

Rick Stemm is a Wellington-based playwright originally from Madison, WI and San Antonio, TX. A long time game writer and game designer as well as a playwright, plus fight choreographer and martial artist, Rick combines interactivity, technology, and movement in his stage shows. 

You've Ruined a Perfectly Good Mystery sold out its debut run in Madison and went on to the New York International Fringe Fest, as well as enjoying other performances around the States. His panto Open Sesame! set the box office record for San Antonio's perennial favorite Overtime Theater. And his Heroes Must Die was the first transmedia performance to combine a full stage show with an actual video game.

Rick has won several awards for plays, short plays, and choreography, as well as being nominated for the prestigious Lanford Wilson prize for emerging playwrights. As a mentor at the world-renowned creative youth development program SAY Sí, Rick tried to pass his love of storytelling and collaborative art to his students. 

Transmedia is Rick's specialty, combining performance art with video, gamelike challenges, spectacular fight scenes, and audience interactivity in his plays. They are not boring.