Duncan Sarkies

Duncan Sarkies was born in 1970 and attended Otago and Victoria Universities. Duncan is a graduate of the Roger Hall playwriting course at Otago University.

A playwright, screenwriter and stand-up comic as well as a fiction writer, he won the Bruce Mason playwriting award in 1995 and the Louis Johnson New Writer’s Bursary in 1998. His play Saving Grace was filmed in 1997. His first book was the award-winning Stray Thoughts and Nose Bleeds (VUP, 1999), a collection of prose pieces, and with his brother Robert he co-wrote the scripts for the highly successful films Scarfies (1999) and Two Little Boys (2012) adapted from Duncan's novel of the same name.

Duncan has written for the television series Flight of the Conchords. In 2013 his novel Demolition of the Century was published by Penguin.