Penny Ashton

Take some Busty Rhymes, add a swirl of literature, a dollop of sass, a slurp of innuendo a pinch of glitter, a good splosh of silliness and a nice sturdy corset and voila, you have Ms Hot Pink; Poet, MC, Comedienne, Actor, Social Commentator, TV Presenter, Voice Over Artist, Improviser, Wedding Celebrant and all round show off.

She has performed at The Edinburgh, Adelaide, Perth, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, Dunedin, Auckland and Wellington Fringes, at the Glastonbury Festival, at numerous festivals and memorial halls all over NZ, at The World Cup of Theatresports in Germany, represented NZ in a Poetry Slam tour of the UK, featured in a New York Poetry Club and won Best Performance by an International Poet at the London Farrago Poetry Awards.

Since 2013 Penny has been touring her literary solo shows; Promise and Promiscuity: A New Musical by Jane Austen and Penny Ashton and Olive Copperbottom: A Dickensian Tale of Love, Gin and the Pox, gaining sold out houses, awards and air miles as she goes. She has presented them from Edinburgh to Stewart Island and loves pilfering the classics to bring new untold stories in the style of these literary giants to hilarious life.