There are only a few spaces left for writers and collaborators to join JUSTIN LEWIS (Indian Ink), JO RANDERSON (Barbarian Productions), ANDREW FOSTER (Trouble), VELA MANUSAUTE and ANAPELA POLATAIVAO (Kila Kokonut Krew) and emerging playmakers BINGE CULTURE COLLECTIVE on the rehearsal floor for TWO DAYS OF ACTION PACKED WORKSHOPS ON COLLABORATIVE THEATRE.

In SESSION ONE KILA KOKONUT KREW's Vela Manusaute & Anapela Polataivao discuss what collaboration means to them and their company and the importance of leading and communicating with creators positively and effectively. Using scenes from their acclaimed works The Taro King and Once Were Samoans they will demonstrate how often the best work comes from 'playing' on the floor.

SESSION TWO is presented by the BINGE CULTURE COLLECTIVE's Ralph Upton, Joel Baxendale & Simon Haren. The emerging company has developed some shared values as collaborators and in a series of simple and practical explorations delves into their use of audience performance and their trademark style "unreliable autobiography".

Barbarian Production's Jo Randerson and Trouble collaborator Andrew Foster lead, in SESSION THREE, examples of company created work based on some of the ways in which their hugely successful theatre company Trouble produced work in the 90s. Now independent writers, directors and performers they will also look at techniques they use to create their own company-based original theatre.

In SESSION FOUR Justin Lewis (founding partner of INDIAN INK) uses a combination of presentation, discussion and demonstration to give insight to his company's ideas about authorship, preparation and the shaping of their workshop process, the role the performers play in their process and how text is developed.

A special session sponsored by DANZ asks - Are there parallels between the creative process of dance and group-devised work in theatre?

Clare Needham facilitates the forum, and with an experienced panel of dance collaborators explores the issues around collaboration and acknowledgement of dancer contribution to the creative process.

Registrations are open and travel subsidies are available for those outside of Wellington who wish to attend.

The details

Friday 1 – Saturday 2 July 2011



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Vela Manusaute and Anapela Polataivao


Kila Kokonut Krew formed as a collective in 2005, spearheaded by Vela and Anapela. The Kila Kokonut Krew present poignant, hilarious and dangerous stories of the Pacific experience; stories told by children of the great migration to Aotearoa, and challenging the stereotypes of Pacific Islanders as bank robbers, cleaners, villains, the fat guy, broken down families and gangsters. Their 2011 works include Four Women (Centrepoint Theatre) The Factory (Mangere Arts Centre) and Kingdom of Lote (Mangere Arts Centre and Downstage Theatre)


Ralph Upton, Joel Baxendale & Simon Haren


Binge Culture Collective is a group of theatre artists, based in Wellington, creating immediate and surprising devised work with young New Zealand audiences in mind. The company believes strongly in collaboration and teamwork, and is continually exploring the encounter between performer and audience. Since forming in 2008, they've performed in theatres, at festivals, in parks and on the street, in Wellington, Dunedin, Takaka and Auckland.

Productions include Drowning Bird Plummeting Fish (2009), Storytime for the Hungry (2010), Elimination Rounds (2010) and this year's Fringe hit This Rugged Beauty.


Jo Randerson


Jo Randerson is a fiction writer, playwright, theatre director, performer and founder and Artistic Director of Barbarian Productions, a Wellington-based theatre production company.

The company has mounted a number of successful productions, here and internationally, including

Good Night - The End, Peeling Back The Paint and Banging Cymbal, Clanging Gong.


Andrew Foster


Trouble was born in 1995 with Snooze by Duncan Sarkies. With Andrew and Jo at the helm, the company soared with The Girl Who Died, Black Monk and The Lead Wait (published by PLAYMARKET in 2010) and gained a reputation for bold, funny, original, collaborative theatre.

Most recently Andrew has worked as a director for Roger Hall's C'mon Black (Armstrong Creative) the remounting of The Lead Wait (Circa Theatre) and Jonathan Brugh's tour of The Second Test.


Justin Lewis


Justin is a founding partner of Indian Ink and has collaborated with Jacob Rajan to create all the company's works, including Krishnan's Dairy, The Pickle King and their latest work Guru of Chai.

He has managed numerous national and international tours of Indian Ink's productions which have won two Production of the Year Awards and two Edinburgh Fringe Firsts.