Rachel Dawick

Rachel Dawick is a musician, songwriter and playwright based in the United Kingdom and in New Zealand.  

Her latest work The Boundary Riders (The Musical Tales of NZ Pioneer Women) crosses the boundaries of concept album/book/musical theatre piece having originally been released in New Zealand in 2014 and was a finalist for Best NZ Folk Album (Tui Awards) 2015. The same piece was chosen out of 160 scripts to be showcased as part of 40 new British Musical Theatre works at the first BEAM Festival in London in 2016.

Rachel has developed her Musical Theatre writing as part of the BML group with West End writers including Jason Carr and Tim Sutton. Boundary Riders was workshoppped with the Scottish Music Conservatoire.

Rachel is a member of APRA (NZ) and the MU, the MMD and MTN networks in the UK.

You can find out more about Rachel at www.racheldawick.com.