Benjamin Teh

Benjamin Teh is a creative for the stage and screen who wears various hats in various departments when necessary, but he's probably best known for writing, acting and directing. Hailing from Singapore, Benjamin moved to New Zealand shores at the age of 16, and now calls Aotearoa home. 

He recently was handpicked for the NZOnAir Asian and Pasifika Storytelling, alongside the rest of his team, for The Mackenzie Brothers. He has worked for companies like South Pacific Pictures, Angle3 Pictures, Eyes and Ears, Frog Productions, Red Scare Theatre Company and Proudly Asian Theatre. 

He has won awards for his films, was recently nominated for Best Actor in the Wellington Theatre Awards for his participation in Yellow Face. Benjamin was last seen performing in Duncan Sarkies' Lovepuke at the Auckland Fringe Festival, and has many more projects to come.