Kerry Lynch


Kerry Lynch is a published playwright who writes plays for teenagers. His three plays have been staged in many schools throughout New Zealand.

He has been the H.O.D of Drama at Otahuhu College in South Auckland since 1998. His overseas experience includes studying in Canada with Vancouver Youth Theatre and Green Thumb Theatre in 1989. In 2001 he was commissioned to devise the multi-cultural production Tamatane, which toured China.

In 2006 Kerry was awarded an N.E.I.T.A (National Excellence In Teaching Award) at Parliament Building for his service to teaching and drama. In 2010 he was granted a Royal Society Fellowship, allowing him to study performing arts technologies alongside industry leaders.

His play Dream Seer won the iTicket Showdown award for Best Production in 2015 and Heavenly Bodies won the same prestigious award in 2017.

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