Lindsey Brown

Lindsey Brown is a New Zealand high school teacher of both English and Drama. She has a passion for the performing arts, as a writer, performer, teacher and student, including obtaining a Masters of Scriptwriting from Auckland University of Technology.

Lindsey has had pieces performed in London, New York, Hollywood, Florida, Houston, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Kentucky, Sydney, Queenstown and Auckland.

In 2020 she was the recipient of the Playwrights Association of New Zealand Outstanding Achievement Award.

Other successes to date include coming second in the NZ Playwrights Association One Act Play Competition 2018, being shortlisted for the NZ Plays for the Young Competition 2018, and having a piece published within a collection of NZ short plays called Septet.

She often favours comedy in her writing, believing that when we laugh, we are most open to learn. It’s also more fun to write! Her plays contain strong roles for women, that like to challenge those themes that are universal to us all.