Christina Stachurski

After acting out the saints and martyrs at primary school, Christina found heaven on earth in a converted billiard saloon, The Cue Theatre in Inglewood.

At university in Christchurch, she carried on acting while studying drama. In her Master of Arts (1993) she studied ancient to modern drama and wrote a thesis entitled Foreskin’s Legacy: Gender, Sex and Violence in Recent New Zealand Theatre.

Christina has a doctorate in New Zealand Literature from the University of Canterbury, and teaches there and at the Hagley Writers' Institute. An award winning director, she loves working on all kinds of plays with all kinds of groups.

Her first play Hot Stuff won the Aoraki Festival Play Writing Award in 1996. The second, Domestic Blitz was selected for the Adam Play Reading Series (2004), and SKOOL! for the Aotearoa Playwrights' Conference (2006).