Our agency services include:

  • Circulation of scripts to potential producers.
  • Negotiation of licence terms, authorising all productions of a client script.
  • Monitoring, collection and distribution of royalties.
  • Negotiation of commissions, collaborations, publication, adaptation to other media and translation to other languages.
  • Mediating in disputes with producers or collaborators.
  • Assistance and advice about clearing copyright (e.g. music or adaptation rights).
  • Maintenance of a library of client scripts and online publication.
  • Maintenance of biographies of clients and production information.


Becoming a client:

We invite a playwright to become a client and, if they agree, the playwright signs an agreement appointing us as their representative and authorising us to act on their behalf. Generally, our invitation is made to playwrights who have works we believe have substantial long-term production potential. Most often playwrights will have already built for themselves a substantial track record that suggests they will continue to write and treat their playwriting seriously as a profession

Playmarket will act on behalf of a client, and under their agreement, to ensure that their rights and rightful income are protected.

We are always happy to discuss representation and provide advice to any playwrights.

Representation is about addressing a practical need when business as a playwright is at a sufficient level to require our services.

For further enquiries about the agency or representation issues, email here.