Kevin Boon

Kevin Boon first developed an interest in writing when he joined the Literary Club at Wellington College of Education in 1959. However his first professional writing opportunity came when he worked as a script writer for Television New ealand in 1970, firstly writing episodes of 'Close to Home' and later he wrote the comedy series 'If You Can't Beat 'em'. When most television production moved to Auckland, Kevin deicded to focus upon stage plays, beginning with the one act play, Smoko. He followed that with a three-act comedy The Geriatrics.

After 1990 Kevin turned his attention to writing books for young people, including novels, radio story picture books and over 100 non-fiction titles about a wide range of subjects including New Zealand history, disasters, famous New Zealanders, the story of the All Blacks and numerous other subjects.

As a member of the Katherine Mansfield Society, Kevin returned to playwriting during her 12th Jubilee, which he converted two of her stories The Garden Party and At the Bay into one-act plays that could be performed together, using most of the same cast, to form a single evening's entertainment.

Kevin has written a full-length play set in Australia titled Politically Incorrect, which he described as having a 'gentle dig' at our trans-Tasman cousins, although many of its elements also apply to our own society.