Me & Robert McKee

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"As brilliant a play as you'd expect from the writer of the watershed Foreskin's Lament."

"Anyone can write… Writing is the great free market of artistic expression. There's no prohibitive overheads, you just need pen and paper. There's no professional organisation you have to join before you're allowed to do it, no exams to pass, no subs to pay, no fees, no licence. It's open slather. Entirely self-regulatory. You can do whatever you please. Like banking."em>

Greg McGee

According to Billy, a writer, "character is destiny". He's facing the certain end of his marriage and the likely end of his career. Reliant on teaching scriptwriting for a living and the bottle for oblivion, his sense of self-worth is teetering on the edge. When Mac, his best friend, a banker and would-be producer, offers him a screenplay to write, the offer is not all it seems...

Me & Robert McKee won an award for Best Stage Play, Moondance Festival 2009, was runner-up in Playmarket's Adam New Zealand Play Award 2010, and first performed at Circa Theatre, Wellington, 2010.


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Greg McGee has written for theatre, television and film. His first play, Foreskin's Lament (1980), a searing analysis of the myths and illusions that lie at the heart of New Zealand's self image, is a New Zealand classic. Other plays include Tooth and Claw, This Train I'm On and Out in the Cold. McGee's television writing has won several awards including Best Drama Writer awards for two of his political documentary dramas.