Clare Kelso

Clare has worked for over 30 years as a professional actor, director, producer and writer

Waiting by the phone for Steven Spielberg to call she decided she had to find ways to eat. And, as you look at her, you’ll see she has over succeeded.

Yes, Clare’s Mum was right. In a family where talking was an art and a competition and words were battle weapons and seduction techniques, Clare shone. Her quick, comedic wit has seen her not only become a leading comedy actor but successfully MC international conferences and talk her way out of many traffic tickets.

Her love of animals has seen her train as a horse riding instructor and work on farms in NZ. She now works most weekends at Auckland Zoo and assists both the Zoo and SPCA raise money. Clare has owned horses, cats, dogs, goats, cows, pigs and a few boyfriends, all of which she has studied carefully. Two of her plays – Night Bird and The Mating Dance – have won awards and much praise. Her play Letters Home was commissioned to open the Whangarei Women’s Festival in the Year Of The Woman. Clare is currently working for the ConArtists Theatre Company in Auckland and is writing a set of short tales called 10 Stories For The Bus.