Two Plays by David Geary

A classic New Zealand comedy that sees rugby live on stage for the first time, Pack of Girls follows the fortunes of rugby widow Pam. Fed up with her husband's misguided dreams of sporting stardom, together with her motley seven-a-side all-female rugby team, the Hurridames, Pam challenges the men on and off the field to pull their heads in and use it or lose it! Sparking with wit and racy banter, Pack of Girls is a boisterous Battle of the Sexes played out on our field of dreams.

"...this play couldn't fail to stir tremors of recognition in the Kiwi soul." New Zealand Listener

Meanwhile in the shearing shed, drop-out law student Terry Champion gets more than he bargained for when he lies his way into a job in the award-winning The Learner's Stand. Egged on by an unlikely shearing gang that includes Hack Up Pete and transsexual rousie Dawn, Terry discovers what he's really made of, as well as a very different New Zealand once you hit the loose metal. Featuring revolutionary sheep, King Lear of the Ruahines, and the Golden Shears competition live on stage, the play swings effortlessly between side-splitting hilarity and moving pathos.

"The Learner's Stand is a riot of hilarious one-liners and comic characters in a cross between Animal Farm and Footrot Flats." The Dominion