Two Plays by Dave Armstrong

From the combined wit and talents of writers Oscar Kightley and Dave Armstrong comes the funny and poignant Niu Sila, one of New Zealand's most loved plays. The play centres on a friendship that spans twenty years, two cultures and one neighbourhood. In 1970s Auckland, five-year-old Ioane Tafioka, just off the boat from the Pacific, moves in next door to five-year-old Peter Burton. They begin an unlikely friendship that will change their lives. Deftly exposing flaws in our society, Niu Sila is at once uplifting and deeply sad.

"If the title is a mystery to you, think God Defend Niu Sila. Such is the unique, organic humour that abounds in this cutting-edge new comedy." Sunday Star-Times

Dave Armstrong has a superb sense of what some New Zealanders really think, and he gleefully exposes them in the award-winning play The Tutor. Morally corrupt Auckland fat cat, John Sellers hires goody-good maths tutor Richard Holton to raise his wayward son's grades. The Tutor is a prickly comedy that skewers equally the brash capitalist, and the po-faced liberal, yet ultimately finding a common humanity.

"This comedy rocks...a tight, provocative and funny piece of theatre that also says something useful about human nature. Not to be missed." Sunday Star-Times