Two Comedies: The Pink Hammer / Flagons and Foxtrots

In The Pink Hammer, four women sign up for a carpentry workshop to find the tutor has absconded with their fees and left behind Woody, her disgruntled husband. Annabel, Louise, Helen and Siobhan invade Woody’s man cave and persuade him to run the course. His neatly ordered sanctuary will never be the same. And neither will they. A comedy about unlikely friendships and finding empowerment with power tools.

“...a comedy which, despite all its outward affability and talent to amuse, reveals something deeper about human relationships” The Press

Flagons and Foxtrots recreates New Zealand’s Saturday night dance-hall era of the 1960s. The Twist was all the rage, a bloke had to do the right thing and everyone drank sneaky pints in the car park. At Newbury Hall, the Archie Moore Trio is hoping to hit the big time, but Sid won’t let them play. Jill longs to marry Jack, the lead singer, but he’s knocked up her friend, Rita, in a one-night stand. Hilarity ensues as everybody scrambles to pick up the pieces during a night of music and dancing.

“A bloody good night out that only the most committed misanthrope would refuse to enjoy” The Dominion