Why Do We Do What We Do?

Structured around a series of intersecting narratives, this highly thematic play is a critical yet comic interrogation of what it means to be human – and indeed animal – within the highly bounded spaces inscribed by human society and culture. Through the story of a disgruntled vegan zoo keeper and her two tiger charges, the spirit of a cow slaughtered for meat, an Indian IT specialist driven to eat meat despite his strict vegetarian upbringing and festering sense of guilt, a veteran housewife cum host who advises young women on the art of preparing meat for the dinner table as part of a larger strategy for surviving married life with a man, a middle-aged couple very particular about the meat they consume, four caged pigs awaiting slaughter and a hapless chicken who flies directly and uncomprehendingly into a predator’s den, we come to explore the often complex and contradictory nature of our appetites and actions, what it means to eat meat (or refuse to eat it) and, ultimately, why we do what we do.