The Violet and the Huia Feather

The true story of Fanny Porter, a Māori Princess and singing sensation and Bob Nock, an impoverished new settler, who fall into a passionate love affair and plan to get married. But Colonel Porter, Fanny's domineering father doesn't think Bob is good enough. Confronted by her father, Fanny is forced to choose between a chance to train in London, or marry a man who could not possibly afford her the opportunity. Fanny chooses to go.

Arriving in London, she takes singing lessons with a celebrated teacher Charles Santley. At a low point, Fanny enters into a marriage of convenience with John Howie a generous and wealthy

30- year-old businessman who offers her security. Fanny becomes a brilliant star and a special favourite of Queen Alexandra, and gains the attention of the German Emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, King Edward's notorious womanising nephew, who seduces her.