The Bomb

A theatrical Michael Bay blockbuster featuring helicopter attacks, nuclear explosions and suicide skydivers, The Bomb is a black comedy about fanaticism and the need to change the world. A group of eco-terrorists (or eco-activists depending on your point of view) from the Greenpeace breakaway organisation, The Children of Gaia’, have got their hands on a 50-megaton thermonuclear warhead. The group’s enigmatic leader, Lafesti, has one demand to the New Zealand government: Evacuate the South Island immediately and turn it into a permanent National Park, or see Auckland disappear in a radioactive mushroom cloud. The government questions if the whole thing is an elaborate prank and the small group of eco-warriors (or terrorists/activists) are beginning to ask themselves, ‘Is threatening to blow up Auckland perhaps a bit extreme?’

The Bomb poses the question for the ages: ‘Are you a leader or do you need to be led?’ and places it next to a big red button attached to a rusty Russian thermonuclear warhead.