The 53rd Victim

Based on a true story.2005. London is in chaos. Terrorists bomb morning commuters on their way to work. Death and destruction abound. Outside Tavistock Square, a New Zealand doctor boards an exploded double-decker bus and saves a number of lives. The media hail her as a hero – a bright, upstanding woman with everything going for her. Yet, two weeks later, the woman is dead and her reputation is in tatters - ‘the 53rd victim’ of the London bombings. Hero to victim in just two weeks - how does such a fall from grace occur so quickly? Because Rachel Brooke-Taylor was no doctor, and the subsequent enquiry into her act of heroism would unravel a fantastical life filled with self-delusion and deceit.

Radio adaptation commissioned by Radio New Zealand. Film adaptation called Bombshell

2009: Best New New Zealand Play Award (now Adam New Zealand Play Award)
2010: Finalist SWANZ Best Play
2011: Finalist in Drama Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union awards
2011: Finalist in Drama NZ Radio Awards