Stuck Pigs

For years, Adrian and Sharon have shared a passion to free all animals from the oppression of the meat-eating world, as well as a passion for each other. Though their relationship changed form, their commitment to bringing down the tyranny of the meat-eaters led them to break away from their mainstream activist group and join forces on a radical splinter project. Adrian recruits his latest love interest, a brilliant, upper middle-class idealist, Natalie. Sharon is suspicious of Natalie’s wealthy upbringing, but capitulates to Adrian as even she can see Natalie is a formidable mind. Natalie is recruited partly because she has managed to infiltrate the appalling abattoir practices of meat magnate James Delahunty. Their plan is to kidnap him and through a daring internet broadcast, begin a process to undermine the entire system. Right away problems emerge over the fact that they cannot agree as to precisely which form this plan should take. After Natalie assists in procuring Delahunty, the trio begin a battle of wits with both him and each other. Ultimately they are all faced with the question: what does an animal have to do to protect itself when cornered?