Stories Told to Me by Girls

This play is designed to be played by many actors or one actor, as the director chooses.

The central theme is storytelling. What do the stories we tell say about ourselves? Why do we tell certain stories in certain situations? And how do our stories evolve over time?

All of the stories in the play were inspired by real women, though many have been embellished or changed beyond recognition, in much in the same way as stories that are passed from friend to friend or generation to generation.

Petra’s comedy act falls flat, partly because she keeps dropping in details of her unfortunate personal life and partly because she’s not that funny. Rebecca and Catherine need money and they are about to abandon their dignity to get it. Sofia has found love but is he really interested in her soul? Debs knows something about Malcolm he doesn’t want his girlfriend to know and Sharon just isn’t getting enough credit.

"Julie Hill has stitched (the stories) together into a wacky patchwork quilt of comedy, pathos, madness and nostalgia, as the stories interrupt themselves, segue into new talks or return to motifs, lines or moments. It's a unique experience and one that's threaded with flashes of brilliance." Waikato Times