Sex Drive

It’s about life, love, lust and Lotto. Sex Drive is a fast-paced comedy which tells the story of three women who are close friends working together in a chicken factory.

Their Lucky Clucky Chicken Plucking Syndicate wins a second-division Lotto prize of ten thousand dollars. Realising it’s not enough for any of them to improve their lot in life they decide to pool their winnings to start a small business. They brainstorm some ideas. Sex sells. Especially when it comes on wheels. And so Sex Drive is born. A mobile sex shop created by women, for women. Sexy, not sleazy. Glamorous for the amorous. And most of all, fun.  

The Sex Drive truck runs out of luck when it rolls up against Christian sensibilities on one side, and City Council planning bylaws on the other. A rollicking car chase, sex toys as kitchen utensils, blackmail, and Perky Peter all make appearances before all is revealed in a grand finale that celebrates sensuality in a storm of satin and Palpitating Papillons.