Open Sesame

Can true love prevail over troublesome family, scheming villains, meddling gods, and dancing pirates? A retelling of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves in the musical comedy form of pantomime. Set in beautiful India in a time when the world was small enough to find secrets around every corner, our story follows Ollie, a hopeful adventurer seeking his fortune with the East India Company. He stumbles across a vast treasure and uses it to woo his love while beset by greedy family and deadly foes. India provides more than just a backdrop for the story, infusing the musical numbers too. All song and dance are in the style of Bollywood, India’s most famous film industry. With fast, colorful Indian music and dance, flashy fight scenes, outrageous slapstick, mythical gods, and audience participation, Open Sesame fuses British, Indian, and American theater into non-stop fun. It's the amazing, musical, martial, colorful, audience-driven, Bollywood-style, anachronistic, fantasy adventure kung fu musical you've always been waiting for.

Originally created with an Indian dance troupe. Designed to be worked with Indian communities.