Lovin' It

We are in a post-apocalyptic world. The space is contained – closed in on all sides, one side of which is the audience. The audience are separated from the stage by a membrane – a thin plastic or cling-film which is transparent. This membrane encloses the whole space on all sides. The floor is a trash heap from the past -  a landfill of waste from the last few millennia, with a dusting of white powder and earth. During the play, the current inhabitants pick through their surroundings, and from time to time unearth new items. It feels like an attic of treasures crossed with a rubbish dump. The inhabitants wear a variety of costumes, some have been salvaged from their environment, some they were wearing when they ended up here. A mix of street wear, and historical items, none very clean. They have not changed clothes for an indefinite period, although they do swap among themselves when they are bored. Nothing comes into this world and nothing goes out of it. It is in an indefinite time and place. It could be a laboratory. It could be a wasteland. It could be inside someone’s brain.