Hold Me

Prelude: 1954, October 31st, Sunday. Moka Bar, Soho. London.Grace is an aristocratic wife and mother. Her husband is having an affair and she has been compensated with a fur coat.

Act One: 2007, October 31st, Wednesday. Café du Lac, Regent's Park, London. Erik is meeting with his ex-girlfriend Stanza with the intention of telling her that her close friendship with his mother must end because it upsets his new partner. Stanza has her own scores to settle.

Act Two: 1975, October 31st, Friday. A flat in Rotherhithe, London. Erik and Grace are having an affair. Their ménage is interruptted by Stanza who arrives in Erik's flat to model for him.

Coda: 1922, October 31st, Tuesday. Arbour Hall, The Cotswolds. Erik is confined to a wheelchair having been wounded in the war. He is also being cuckolded by his wife, Grace, and is aware that Stanza is not his biological daughter.