Handy Man

“Scary people have to come from somewhere- why not the Yellow Pages?”

A psychological thriller about isolation, love...and a leaky toilet.

We join Richard and Claire at their remote 'super-bach' as they divide up their possessions in preparation for their divorce. Things are already fraught, and then the toilet breaks – they need a plumber. Enter Dom and in no time he has it fixed. With his purpose served this urban couple can't wait to see the back of this unusual tradesman but Dom has other ideas – he's been waiting for tonight for a long time...a leaky toilet, a remote bach and a captive audience. 

For just one night Dom wants to be heard, to close the gap between rich and poor, but Richard and Claire hide a dark secret, that will change Dom's life forever. 

“A tense psychological thriller”- Dominion Post

“Exciting”- Capital Times

“It's a good play. Go.”- Theatreview