Good Night - The End

Moribund Harvester of Sorrow, overweight Unavoidable Destiny and pernickety Transitional Friend are three bored and tired Grim Reapers hanging out in the staff kitchen, counting down to Christmas, between professional stints posing existential questions to the public with a wave of their scythes. As Harvester deals with some difficult personal news herself, they philosophise and grizzle over the Milo, stage puppetry and put up with appearances by their mad Italian manager, L'amministrazione.
"When the audience's faces are wreathed with smiles in the wake of a 106-minute play about death, something remarkable has clearly happened, "writes John Smythe on Theatreview."... a modern morality play; a cautionary tale that reminds us to live our lives well because there may be nothing else when it's over... In this existential comedy, hell is not so much other people as those parts of ourselves that make us our own worst enemies."