Golden Boys

Keith Borstal left choir rehearsal one night in 1989, bound for his home, but never arrived. Eight days later was body was discovered buried under weeds and sleepers near a disused railway track. Golden Boys tells the story of the aftermath of his shocking and horrifying murder from the point of view of three boys affected by the tragedy. His best friend who has been forever denied the opportunity to ditch him, isn't even permitted to see the body and is left forever wondering if he is really dead. His doppelganger - the boy who plays him in a crime scene reconstruction of his death, comes-of age as an all singing, all dancing, all sexed-up entertainer on a teen variety show. The fearful pre-schooler who believes he was the last to see Borstal alive comes to also believe is destined to become the killer's next victim.

In the dreamy twilight of the children's late childhood, a dark force is gathering strength. Will any of the golden boys survive?