Give Up

45-yr-old filmmaker Matt is a failure no more. He has finally made a successful film. He has even successfully proposed to Kate, his gorgeous 28-yr-old star and co-writer. But it’s all been such a whirlwind she hasn’t yet met Brian, Paul and Julie—the three best friends Matt’s had since University. At a dinner party to introduce them all Matt goes to bed and doesn’t get up. He’s utterly unresponsive—none of them can snap him out of it. The differing reasons Matt’s friends find for his crisis set off crises of their own.

Kate sees her worst fears about Matt being confirmed. Brian and Paul see a chance to make their own play for their best friend’s fiancé, in a desperate bid to validate their fading lives. Just as desperately, Julie believes Matt is undergoing a spiritual awakening. She sees it as her last chance to achieve the inner peace she has been craving her whole life. Minds and lives unravel before our eyes—when a transformed Matt finally does get out of bed, his world will never be the same.