Frankenstein Junior

This play starts with Igor, the Doctor’s assistant, building up the audience to expect to participate in the show with sound effects and pantomime-style interactivity. Doctor Frankenstein enters and shows the audience buckets of gory body parts that they can stick their hands in. Then the Doctor and Igor work on the body of the monster/creation with lots of sound effects from the audience and body-related pun jokes. The creature rises up and calls the Doctor ‘Dada’. The Doctor is reluctant to play the father role and treats the child like an ‘it’ rather than ‘they’. After getting fed up with this inhumane treatment, Igor hatches a plan to confront the Doctor, by questioning him in the disguise of a famous psychologist. But when this also fails and the Doctor is run out of town by the audience, Igor offers to be Frankie Junior’s parent instead.

The playwright is completely open to the lines being improvised loosely around this script.