It’s 1981 and the Springbok Tour is tearing the country apart. Greg protests against the tour with his friends Al and Otto. He’s falling in love with Al, and falling out with his father, who thinks sport and politics don’t mix. Greg struggles to manage competing demands and loyalties. 

Time moves on to 1986. Greg and Al have now been together for four years and are actively involved in campaigning for the Homosexual Law Reform. They are also planning their big OE. As a couple, they are torn between the lure of social and economic transformation at home and the attractions offered by the wider world. The demands and loyalties are different, but the conflict is just as intensely felt. Greg and Al both have difficult decisions to make.

Rupture investigates break points – political and social ones that act upon us. And break points that emerge inside us and cause us to act upon those closest to us.