People are disappearing. Coca-City is being bombed. Rebels are within.

A dystopian tale of a world drenched in corporate branding. Loni, a patriotic citizen of Coca-City Herne Bay, has her world turned upside down when her husband brings a rebel into their home. From brushes with the law to journeying through the badlands, Loni must learn to rely on her wits to survive.

"The play is imbued with a very tangible frustration," wrote Imogen Neale of Lumiere, "What do you do if the world is clearly absurd but you can't find a way to change it? What do you do if you know the things you live through, food, lifestyle, political systems, social norms are all poisonous? ...Caustic achieves what many plays do not: it leaves you with lingering questions that bother you for hours after the curtain drops. It also, curiously enough, makes you feel that things can happen."

Up to 24 characters