Carol & Nev

‘Come back from the dead to haunt the Campermatic. This is typical of you!’

It’s the great kiwi road trip. Straight down the Island, cross Cook Strait and on to the Bach. Five toilet stops, lunch on the road, sleep on the Ferry and straight on till morning. 

Carol & Nev are on the road, taking the family campervan to their daughters wedding at the bay. Only catch is Carol died in 1984. 

Nev is comfortable, middle aged and has been resigned to ‘getting on with the business of life’ alone - until now. Has Carol returned from beyond the grave to haunt him for the journey? Or could Nev just be having a nervous breakdown on the eve of the wedding? 

A unique hilarious perspective of recent New Zealand history, a tale about the damage time wreaks on youthful ideals and the difference between growing up and giving up.

The journey of a life time. He must convince her she’s dead, she must convince him he’s alive!