Boxes is a non-verbal piece of theatre about friendship and differences. Suitable for children and adults young at heart. Originally performed by two puppets, may also be performed by two actors in masks. Bernie likes spots and Elton likes stripes Bernie and Elton are moving house. Their belongings are either cardboard boxes or are packed into cardboard boxes. Each character has their own view on how their new room should be set up. Elton sets it up the way he wants it- with stripes. Bernie comes along and re arranges everything into the way he would like it- with spots. Cardboard boxes become beds, stoves, armchairs, tables and house hold props. It all gets out of hand when their friendship turns to custard. They end up building a wall with their boxes and find themselves sitting alone on either side of the wall. Realising that their friendship is more important, they dismantle the wall and work together to create a room where both are  happy and they can appreciate their differences.