Book Ends

Every Tuesday morning the Cabin Fever Club meet for coffee at The Sour Dough Café. All gold-card holders, they are literary types: one former editor, one freelance writer, an actor, a novelist, a playwright and a formerly famous poet.
“I can hardly remember what it was like to have a regular income. For years, I've been subsidising newspapers by providing articles at a rate of pay a Peruvian coal miner would despise.”
They are cantankerous, opinionated, envious, erudite, insecure and often amusing. What binds them together is their mutual love of books. But how long are books going to last?
“I don't mind buying a book and I don't mind reading it. But doing both is asking too much.”
Each scene takes place a year apart. But over those four years, technology is changing their lives in a way that none of them could foresee back in 2010.