A Shortcut to Happiness

Russian migrant Natasha starts a folk dance class to supplement her earnings as a cleaner while she perfects her English. She is the polar opposite of the Kiwi stereotype; she is blunt and tactless and she doesn't see her new country through rose tinted glasses. The class attracts a group of senior misfits, two widows desperate to find an eligible man, a couple who fill their days with classes, and widower Ned. Sebastian, a handsome stranger, sweeps two of the women off their feet. 

Ned develops affection for Natasha. He is pure old school, a gentleman but no fool. They are destined for each other at the outset but some powerfully written scenes thwart our hopes and expectations. This, along with a number of other setups that pay off brilliantly, prove what a splendid craftsman Roger Hall is.