A Pretty Good Year

This follows seven high school students in their last year of high school, focussing on the goal-driven, exam-obsessed Anita as she studies, revises and works constantly to get into uni, at the expense of the rest of her life falling to the wayside. The play follows all six teenagers and their ups and downs through the year, dropping in on them once a term; the first day of school, a few weeks before the ball, the night of the ball and the day after exams, and navigates the shifts in their relationships and goals.
August’s failing marks, George’s crush on her, Roger’s constant bullying of Ellie, Judy’s crush on George despite his crush on Anita and Boom just being Boom all go unnoticed by Anita.
In the end, Anita realises what has passed her by, but in his helpful teenage drag queen way, Boom reminds her that everybody makes mistakes, but the key is to take what you’ve learned forward into the rest of your life. Anita reunites with August after a falling-out and they go forward into uni, and the rest of their lives.