The Red Leap Devising Toolkit

An accessible and practical guide for teachers, students and practitioners of devised theatre

"No wonder Red Leap has been so brave and successful. Apart from your talent and stamina, your intellect and your openness, you are extremely generous.  This generosity rolls off the text and images of your book in waves and is reflected in your ability to lay claim to nothing.  You are able to offer up this work acknowledging all the shoulders you have stood on, all the ideas you have incorporated from others.  
This is a huge strength and gives you space to make your own unique work without fear and contraction, without worry that you will be found out. 
I’m deeply inspired by this beautiful edition, so beautifully realized.  I’m starting a new project this week and I’ve already identified some of your provocations to use to seed it."
John Bolton, founder of John Bolton Theatre School in Melbourne, Australia

"Work with Red Leap makes such a difference to our students. The company's level of detail and attention to value-driven approaches to making theatre is out of this world. Our students learn more than just devising strategies: they learn strong moral principles and have great role models to look to in the work they bring."
Anna Parr, United World College of South East Asia, Singapore

"...the kind of richly immersive theatre experience that transports you, heart and soul, to some other zone of aliveness, satisfying you in ineffable ways - the kind of experience you keep going back to the theatre for, despite the rarity if such experience."
Raewyn White, Theatreview, New Zealand

"Working with Red Leap is an excellent introduction to the very best in storytelling and physical theatre. Their approach is subtle, inventive and playful, so the learning for the participant comes thick and fast. I recommend their workshops highly."
Neil Harris, Sha Tin College, Hong Kong