Harbouring Ghosts

Harbouring Ghosts is a play about the supernatural world and the art of storytelling.  The story centres around 16 year old Jessie Gordon who against her mother’s wishes begins to show a remarkable talent in music.  Her mother attempts to remove Jessie from music at school as she is fearful that her talent may re-open a dark family wound concerning her deceased grandparents.

"The other world is not as tightly sealed as you would like to think, Miss Stead, the other world, in fact is full of leaks like some old unseaworthy ship.  We must plug the gaps right now otherwise some unwelcome memories may return to hurt my family, perhaps some already have?”

Note on casting: This play has 11 principle roles (4 female, 4 male and 3 Flexible). Chorus can range from 10-20 (female or male.)

The play includes songs by Paddy Free and Gerald Waardenberg and sound effects. A CD of this soundtrack available for purchase on request.