The Fifty Percent Party

The year is 2018, the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage in Aotearoa. Three teenage girls are working on a school project about democracy which includes mock elections. They decide to create a women's party, called The Fifty Percent Party, with the mission of equality. As the girls develop policies and prepare their campaign they explore a range of contemporary issues, deal with the anti-feminist backlash and negotiate the fluctuating dynamics of group relationships. A series of historical figures from the Suffrage Movement and women Members of Parliament appear to offer guidance, context and humour. The story of Elizabeth McCombs, New Zealand’s first woman Member of Parliament, and her contribution to politics is interwoven into the students’ journey of politicisation.

The play uses humour and herstory to present politics as an engaging and vital arena, and to remember and celebrate some of those who have worked for women's equality within parliament over the last 125 years. It has been written with the support of the Ministry of Women’s Suffrage 125 Community Fund and the Magdalena Aotearoa Trust.

Educational resource available.