Gary Langford

Gary Langford  was born and grew up in Christchurch. He went to Canterbury University and was a teacher/writer in Sydney for 30 years, during which time he was the founder/director of the Playhouse Theatre, Western Sydney University, before becoming the founder/coordinator of the MA in Creative Writing, as well as the founder of a doctorate in Creative Writing at WSU. Gary is the author of 44 books, including 10 novels with Newlands being republished in 2016, 3 drama sketch works, 6 story collections with Lunch at the Storyteller's Restaurant being republished 2016, 19 books of poetry with The Sonnets of Gary Langford fittingly his 14th poetry book and The Comic Verse of Gary Langford on his best performance poetry, 2018. His 4 textbooks include A Teacher's Guide to Drama and A Teacher's Guide to Writing, 2016. Memoir of a Teacher Writer came out in India (English and Hindi) and Teacher Writer down under. His latest 2 books are Gary Langford - Selected Poetry, 2022, and Gary Langford - Selected Stories, 2022. Gary Langford Reading From His Poems was recorded in 2008, Christchurch. He has been the coordinator of NZ Poets: The Poetry Archives in England. Gary has had more than 250 productions of his plays, sketches and musicals.

He now lives in Melbourne and Christchurch, predominantly as a writer and painter.