Stage Adventures: Eight Classroom Plays

Fantasy morphs into reality in Cinderella and the Pirates, as Katie leaps inside her mother's story and endeavours to attend the pirate ball of her dreams.

Up in space, a colourful collection of astronauts, scientists, aliens and stars puts on an extravaganza of out-of-this-world entertainment in Space Circus.

Down on the beach, two safety-conscious tuatua must enlist the help of the other beach creatures to save the dunes in Boss of the Beach.

Chaos is afoot when the Antarctic snowman is on the hunt for a new nose in Howling Huskies, Evil Penguins and the Antarctic Snowman's Very Sore and Very Itchy Carrot Nose.

A normal walk to school takes a horrifying turn for the worse in the madcap adventure Vampires and Zombies.

Delve deep inside the underworld in Sapai and the Yam Snatchers, where Sapai must solve the mystery of his village's stolen yams and prove his worth to his ever-watchful grandfather.

Rona's big mouth is the seed of her friends' resentment in A Story of Rona, until the ancient and powerful spirits that haunt her Māori village bring her face to face with her own values.

Enter the world of the script itself in Spilt Milk, as a writer's spilt coffee causes existential mayhem in the margins of his beloved manuscript.

This collection of eight wildly diverse and entertaining plays for children by Richard Finn Holly Gooch, Philippa Werry, Mark A. Casson, Michelanne Forster, Leilani Unasa, Stephanie Matuku and Claire Ahuriri is perfectly pitched to unleash your imagination and take you on your own stage adventures.