Colliding cultures, evolving worlds.

Mum's Choir by Alison Quigan is a story of laughter, singing and tears. The irrepressible family of a deceased matriarch reunite and discover they have less than three days to deliver the musical send off Mum would have wanted. When Honey begins sleep-talking in a language she can’t understand, her world begins to change.

The Wife Who Spoke Japanese in Her Sleep by Vivienne Plumb follows Honey and her husband Howard as they are confronted with twists and pitfalls that could change their whole marriage.

Inspired by true events, Man in a Suitcase by Lynda Chanwai-Earle is set in a post earthquake Christchurch. Foreign exchange student Wen is caught up in a plot that goes horribly wrong and irreparably impacts the lives of those around him.