Families hurt each other. That's what they do best.

Mum is washing pills down with vodka. Nana is cutting up the family photos. And Dad has done something unforgivable.

When Grace discovers her husband is having an affair with her daughter, she must confront the truth and do what it takes to fix her family for their son.

Intense, darkly comic, peppered with ferocious verbal duels and electrifying reveals, Fix explores the contemporary blended family and questions unconditional love.

"Fix basically sucks us all in as audience members. Whether you like it or not Sayer takes you for an emotional roller-coaster ride like none other. The beauty of this play is not only the sensitive subject matter but Sayer’s amazing turn of phrase that gives the whole piece it’s genuine feel, making us buy into the storyline from the get-go. Her ability to write such compelling conversational dialogue is fabulous, no wonder Fix was awarded the 2011 Playmarket b4 25 Award." -Theatre Scenes