The Illiterate Book Club

If a person can't read, it's usually because they haven't learned how to.

But then, there are the members of the Illiterate Book Club (IBC). They can't read because the demands on their lives are such that none of them can humanly find the time to do so. But they meet every month anyway.

That's because the IBC was created by a wise woman called Flora. Over the years, she came up with other ways to soak up the stories of her favourite books even when there simply wasn't time for her to sit and read.

So it is each month, that the IBC meets at a member's house, where they share stories of books they've not had time to read but nonetheless, have found ways to enjoy.

Apart from Flora, there's Stephanie, a caterer, Joy the lawyer, Zoe the accountant and the hostess for the evening, Ada, who's also dealing with the fact that her son, Hamish won't move out.

Tonight is also the first meeting for a new member, Maggie, who's on a gap year of sorts from her work and life in Ireland.

And in between book reviews, there's food, alcohol and updates from the gang on life, love and everything else that's keeping them from sitting down with a good book.

The Illiterate Book Club is a heart-warming, funny and sometimes bittersweet story of six passionate readers with no free time who have created novel ways to keep their love of books in their lives.