The Birthday Girl

Heitiki is just your average Kiwi seaside town, except its somehow managed to miss out on the housing boom, while its industry is on the verge of closure. That is until one of its daughters, billionaire Eloise Bisou returns to take refuge from a world in upheaval. But is she here to bless the town with her millions or burn it down for good?

Events of the past have stoked the fires of Eloise’s revenge. Now, twenty-five years later she has her knife out for one man, but also the town that let her down. And she’s got all the money in the world to fuel her revenge and sharpen her knife.

When she turns the whole town against him, Roget must rely on that instinctive sense of Kiwi fair-play and community to keep his hopes of survival intact. But can anyone survive the blazing inferno of Eloise’s revenge?

Inspired by Friedrich Durrenmatt’s The Visit.