The Birthday Boy

A contemporary comedy of modern manners, following two couples and the life choices they make over 25 years. What happens to friendships when life takes the friends in completely different directions?

David and Kathy and Stuart and Elizabeth, all friends since school, seemingly have it all, but when Kathy announces she is pregnant on her husband's 40th birthday, the foursome's decades of elegant dinner parties and holidays come to an end.

“Nixon paints the to-have-or not-to-have-children choice in many shades of grey with the odd splash of black and white. There are no right or wrong choices in life, his play suggests, only choices. The play is funny, too, with plenty of light-hearted pokes at political correctness and middle-class angst, and the story moves along smartly as we journey with the couples into their futures.” Faith Oxenbridge in The Listener