Set in the late 1800s on the rugged West coast of the South Island, Strata is the story of brothers Angus and Mo, and Angus' search for redemption 1000ft underground. Mo, a mountain of a man, is a simpleton, relying absolutely on his younger brother since childhood. Angus has become provider, protector and only friend. Now working as strike breakers in the union stronghold of the West Coast, all Mo wants is to feel the sun on his back instead of 1000ft of earth. But Angus has a different motive, using his brothers ability to see "don't knows", spirits that don't know they are dead, to find a way to Ruaumoko, God of earthquakes, volcanoes and the unborn child, in the hope of reclaiming the soul of the child he has lost. Into the pit comes Pushy, their trucker, a Welshman who is not what he seems, offering Mo the possibility of independence and hope in the face of tragedy.