Stand Up Love

Freddy and Ana. Stand up and girlfriend. Love and trouble. Jokes and pain. Freddy has a drinking problem, Ana has something she doesn't want him to know. Their relationship has problems but they love each other and isn't that enough?

“The lies and deceits of love, the pleasures and the joys, the promises made and the promises broken are all covered in neatly crafted scenes with surprising reversals and revelations that are never theatrical but rooted in life"- Dominion Post

“The sort of play good actors will aspire to because it challenges them and relies almost entirely on their excellence - guided by a skilled director - to achieve its potential. Relatively inexpensive to stage and tour, it should have a long and healthy life in our homegrown repertoire"- Theatreview 

“Comedy and tragedy go closely hand in hand, and playwright Gavin McGibbon nimbly rides the line between them. Superbly realised and performed, Stand Up Love is a penetrating dissection of a doomed relationship between two self-destructive people” - Manawatu Standard